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Our appreciation for nurses runs deep. 

Our love for our families runs even deeper.

Jeannie's Fund - in honor of Jeannie Tomaselli - is a fund to help COVID-19 patients connect with their loved ones.

In most situations - when you have a family member in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU); you visit them, you support them, you hold their hand, and you let them know that you're there for them. With COVID-19 patients, that can't happen.

Most COVID-19 patients are stuck in social isolation for 22+ hours a day, only interacting with the overburdened heroes of this crisis: our nurses (like Liz O’Rourke), doctors, and health care providers.

COVID-19 patients are in desperate need of social interaction, but the only responsible way to make that possible is through voice and video calls. iPads are being used in the ICU to allow patients to connect with their family members through FaceTime. In some cases, this may be the last time they get to do so. These calls are only possible if the patients have iPads or similar video call enabling devices. Many patients do not.

So that's where Jeannie's Fund comes in.

Our goal at Jeannie’s Fund is to bring iPads to sick isolated COVID-19 patients so they can connect, see, and speak with their loved ones. 

This is where you come in - we are asking for your donations to purchase and distribute iPads that will be distributed to hospitals across New York. 

We will be both purchasing second hand iPads and collecting old devices. Our Go Fund Me goal is to buy and distribute 700+ second hand - to be cost efficient - functional iPads - hopefully more, with your help - to patients in hospitals all across New York. We are aiming to purchase 500+ iPads from the funds we receive from our Go Fund Me page and collect 200+ used iPads from our community.  We will be both purchasing second hand iPads and collecting old devices

Once this health crisis subsides, we plan to donate these iPads to disadvantaged schools across New York.

Who's Jeannie?
Jeannie Tomaselli was a beloved nurse in the Long Island New York area. She used FaceTime on her iPad to stay connected with loved ones while immunocompromised. If Jeannie were alive today, we have no doubt that she’d be first to help patients stay connected with their loved ones.

What else about Jeannie?
Genies - in our case Jeannies - grant wishes. Most times, the only wish that isolated COVID-19 patients have is to see their loved ones.

Join us in being Jeannie's and help grant isolated patients their wish: to see and speak to their loved ones.

No donation is too small. Thank you so much for helping us be Jeannie's - by bringing dignity and connection to COVID-19 patients.

Thank you so very much for your kind attention.

With love,
Laura Tomaselli, Jeannie Tomaselli's beloved daughter
Liz O'Rourke, Registered New York Nurse (RN) at Northwell Health, New York's largest healthcare provider
Zina Ajlouny, Organizer for Jeannie's Fund

To learn more, please visit the other pages of our website at www.jeanniesfund.com 

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, feel free to email us jeanniesfund@gmail.com